Layout Context

Given a standard customer-invoice-line_item schema, anchor buoy, and three TOGs, which TO would you use to create a layout and portal to view line items associated with a specific customer?

I'd probably consider including a foreign key in the LineItem table which points to the Customer associated with the related Invoice. It's not the only way to get the job done, but I like that it would allow me to display, or navigate to, a Customer's LineItems from the Customer context without much work.

Given this approach, the answer to the question would be:

  • I'd likely base the layout off of the Customer context.
  • A portal that looks at the Customer's line items could be one-hop away.
  • Displaying a card window with the line items could be a one-hop GTRR operation.

Obvious answer is Customer… however it depends what you want to achieve with your display.


It depends on the focus of information. If focus is on the customer, @steve_ssh's approach is a good solution.
If focus is on invoice, an invoice-based layout may be an appropriate solution, with customer details one hop away.


@Torsten So, one option would be to base the layout on INVOICES, set up a picker based on CUSTOMERS, and then display the line items in a portal?

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Yes, that would work.

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