Licensing Gone Mad - Tales of 2 Support Cases

Not FileMaker, Microsoft, but a snapshot as to how difficult a company can make things for their customers.

In November we purchased 30 RDP client access licenses (CALs) for our first Windows 2019 server. However, we could not access the information we needed to activate them from their volume licensing centre. We eventually had to be taken through manually by phone from their licensing support to add 20 of the 30 licenses to our server, as their website was broken.

Today, I attempted to add the final 10 licenses to the same server. Same problems within the volume licensing centre, but eventually a kind lady from licensing support took me through this again. Although I had all references to the original support request, it was impossible to gain access to it.

However, I'd noticed that our licenses are being issued twice, once for the account with a capital letter at the beginning and again for the same account all in lower case.

I have just spent over an hour with their technical support front line trying to raise a support request. He's had me logging in with private email addresses, business addresses,, volume licensing centre, partner centre. I have been offered a support case for £398 if I wished to proceed.

Finally, in this maze of websites, we found our Microsoft Action Pack within the Partner Center included 10 incidents and 5 hours support a year. Hooray, we're there! Having activated it, I now have to wait 3 business days to obtain the access references I need to finally raise a support request.

And you thought FileMaker's licensing was bad!

I feel your pain. Some vendors have absolutely no respect for their customer‘s time.

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A propos ‘broken’:
Mishaps in MS sw-releases are recurring in IT news and user reports. The company has changed to an incremental release development cycle a while ago. The approach comes with it’s own challenges to master.