Locking FileMaker Fields

Locking Fields is a useful feature for a variety of use cases...

Transaction tables like, Orders, Invoices, CashReceipts, Banking, etc. can have Fields "Locked" using Field > Validation after all, or part of, the transaction has occurred, so that even a [Full Access] account can NOT accidentally modify the data in those Fields. Please note that the ability to Unlock is a Privileged operation (a topic for another time).

Let us use Banking records of type check as a simple example where the transaction has multiple milestones:

  • After a check is "in the mail" the Amount, DateOfTransaction, etc. Fields can be locked
  • When the check is reconciled agains a bank statement, the Account, StatementCode, etc. can be "Locked".

For this use case, we will need more than one "Locked" field, Locked_1 and Locked_2. See image below.

Here is an interesting question: How would you visually identify the fields that are "Locked" to the user effectively and efficiently?

Something like a disabled field in bootstrap would be my approach

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A softer colour is usually used for text that isn't interactive.

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Thanks all,

For now I am going with a Fill of EEEEEE as the standard as it:

  • Gives you more visible change that text
  • Works even on a field that is both empty and locked
  • Works on a field with text of different colors