M1 Mac mini

I got HOnza's latest newsletter where he compares the M1 Mac Mini to various other servers and it seems to stack up very favorably, so I took a database that I have hosted on FMPHost.com (who have been pretty great) and ran some automated tests. Ignoring the first run it looks like the MacMini is about 80% as fast as the Windows machine at FMPHost.

The windows machine at FMPHost.com has more RAM, but the Mac mini barely touches the RAM (see below) so I don't think that's the problem.

Is there anything else I should troubleshoot to ensure I'm comparing Apples to Windows?

My general conclusion is the Windows machine is the better way to go.

PS: I did for a while have FMPHost move me to a virtual Linux machine and got a 20% speed increase, but I was seeing server crashes every few days, so I went back to Windows.