Has anyone dealt with direct mail sorting or mail.dat creation? I am thinking of creating our own FileMaker-driven direct mail app.

Is there any data samples for the mail.dat file(s) available?
And, how difficult is the sorting logic?

I looked into NRGship, but they dont handle direct mail (EDDM). Thanks.

You can use MBS FileMaker Plug-in for sending and receiving emails.

Using SMTP via CURL functions, you can send emails. Check our SendMail functions to build email with/without HTML, multiple attachments and properly encoded names & texts. See this tutorial: Sending emails in FileMaker with MBS Plugin

We can even configure it for Outlook 365, Google mail and others. No problem there.

You an also check the IMAP examples coming with the plugin. See a video here: IMAP Email Example
The examples are included with MBS Plugin.

Thanks for your reply. But I am referring to sending printed material via snail mail - not email.

You may have to give us more explanation. What does the sorting have to do ?

Direct Mail or Bulk Mail sorting pertains to how the mail pieces are bundled for the post office. Depending on the size and weight of the pieces, there are constraints on how many fit in a tray or flat and those must be bundled in minimum groupings based on zipcode or desination etc. I have done it before many moons ago, but thought someone here has more recent experience.

The mail.dat specification is a set of related fixed-length database text files, of up to 21 tables, that are incorporated into what I now understand is a zipped file for submitting to USPS.

While we wait to "roll our own" mailing system, we will continue to use the current dBase-based, .ini-driven, FoxPro-scripted legacy code. :frowning: