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in this thread I want to post to you what's new in development of MBS Plugin, version 13.2.

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  • Updated Xcode to version 14.3.
  • Changed minimum version of macOS to 10.13.
  • Improved EmailParser.Attachment function to better handle PDF documents and return them as PDF container with preview.
  • Adjusted plugin for the next version of FileMaker.
  • Fixed a bug in MessageComposer functions on newer iOS versions.
  • Changed container handler to only put in MAIN item for FileMaker 13 or newer.
  • Changed default for CURL.SetOptionConnectionTimeout to 10 seconds (unless you change it) to avoid long stalls in your application of 2 minutes when server is not reachable.
  • Updated SQLAPI to version 5.2.4b3.
  • Added identifier value to the JSON returned by CNContact.JSON function.
  • Added root name parameter to Dictionary.ToXML function.
  • Changed Audit.Delete and Audit.Delete2 to record new fields found before deleting with Delete instead of Create.




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Thanks for these in an exemplary manner precisely listed listings Christian @MonkeybreadSoftware. This is how the host company should do it!

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hi @MonkeybreadSoftware

Perhaps a late request for the next version but was wondering if the following was possible:

So often when developing you want to just open a script to edit which is attached to a button. There's 2 ways:

  1. Go to layout mode, click button, click script name, edit (though this is modal and not ideal).
  2. Turn on debugger, click button, step into script, edit script, kill script execution, close debugger (4+ steps!)

What I was hoping is a shortcut for the second option

When debugger opens I see you can add your own buttons into this UI. Could there be some kind of edit button here, which basically shortcuts the following:

  1. Step into script (F6)
  2. Click edit script (cmd+F10)
  3. Terminate running script cmd+F8
    3 (optionally just turn off debugger, I know there is no shortcut for this by default, though I have my own custom one added to the prefs file).

Even the first 3 steps would be nice. My ultimate dream would be a single click to open a script attached to any button while in browse mode (obviously a developer only tool).

Sounds more like you just need a kind of macro recorder to press one key combination to do the other shortcuts in one go.

and released
MBS Plugin 13.2 for Claris FileMaker

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