Meet FileMaker Cloud

Today Claris published this video on their youtube channel:

First impressions:
What kind of business can navigate within those restrictions ?!
Having to double licences if you already have a contract and want to access the cloud …yikes
Forget using Webdirect to provide external users the ability to access specific apps of your system such as customers self service or providers orders adjustment.


Baby cloud :hatching_chick:


There are no local accounts or OAuth accounts. This means that the Saas vendor has monopoly power over a businesses’ access to its own data and business software.


@Torsten, for some reason …the banning of Google on Huawei mobiles just came to my mind :grimacing:

Now that I read this again, I think some conspiracy nut took over myself for a second :sweat_smile:

At some point they say something like “the on-premise version of FMS is not going away anytime soon”.

I would had preferred to hear something like “the on-premise version of FMS is not going away never, ever, not in a million years!!”

I would be interested to know what the target market for the new FM Cloud is. Given the price increase with more “cons than pros”, I don’t think many current users are going to migrate, unless they don’t have other choice due to operating systems and security reasons. (Cons: no server plugins, no anonymous users on WD, no external authentication, no OAuth, no PHP or XML for CWP, also not sure about this but I believe no possibility for server scheduled scripts).

About new customers, I would like to know what the main target market is. My opinion is: workgroups and departments within medium and large companies. Not for mission critical processes.


What it is: a negation with an opaque timeline
What it is not: a firm commitment to keep on-premise

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He said for scheduling scripts you ‘just’ have to use the API

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