Multi-user new records visible for others users

2 users viewing the same list-layout with their own found set.
When user A adds a record, it sometimes is added automatically to the found set of user B. Not always.
When is it added to the found set of others and when it is not? I haven't found but it intrigues me. Who knows the answer for me?

FM offers a live view of data and therefore updates other clients when one client adds a record. This happens instantly most of the time, but not always.
In order to offer users control over what they see in a found set, I put a button on layouts, linked to a ‘refresh window’ command.

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A found set will remain static if it is based on a find or go to related record command. A found set can be dynamic if it is based on the show omitted records or show all records command. Committing a record can play a role too. Network latency affects how fast a new record can appear.

I have no idea how exhaustive this list is.

Hope this helps.