Need help with dates in RecordQuery (MBS)

I hope this is the right place to ask this question. If not just delete this post.
I´m using the "FM.InsertRecordQuery" function from the MBS-Plugin to fetch some data from 1 Filemaker-Table to another one.
This is the query
"SELECT \"pr_gruppe\",\"artnr\",\"aname\",\"aname2\",\"einheit\",\"hkl\",\"herkunft\",\"leergut\",\"gr_nr\",\"inhalt\",\"per\",\"preis_ko\",\"preis_me\",\"preis_anbr\",\"tagespreis\",\"hat_info\","&$$param_kdnr&" as \"bkdnr\" FROM SHOPPRL where \"pr_gruppe\"="&$$param_prgrupp&" AND "&$$param_date&" >= gueltig_von AND "&$$param_date&" <= gueltig_bis"
It does work if i omit the last part with $$param_date. Otherwise i get this error:
[MBS] ERROR: FQL0001/(1:218): There is an error in the syntax of the query.
I have tried changing several things but i cant figure out what to do.
What i try to do is selecting records that have a valid price. It is valid if $$param_date is BETWEEN gueltig_von and gueltig_bis. They are in date-format. (

Any help would be greatly appreciated


not sure, if $$Vars are working in the ‘select’

as for parameters: Why not use the filemaker executeSQL function with parameters? There, the conversion of dates might be easier.
(MBS sql also allows external parameters)

“SELECT field1, field2, field3 FROM TheTable WHERE xx=? AND yy=?”;
myTO::thisField; myOtherTO::thatField


Thank you so much Markus. External Parameters solved my problem. Somehow the $$Vars don´t work when they are dates. I have put them into the external parameters now and it works fine. You saved my day


Using external parameters solves many problems.

I have seen this form fail:

executeSQL( “SELECT field FROM table WHERE x=” & $VAR ;“”;“” )

while this form is successful:

executeSQL( “SELECT field FROM table WHERE x=?” ;“”;“”; $VAR )

With FM.InsertRecordQuery, you can also use parameters there.

MBS( "FM.InsertRecordQuery"; ""; "Test"; "FirstName¶LastName¶CompanyName"; ""; "SELECT "First", "Last", "Company" FROM Contacts WHERE City=?"; "Hamburg" )

That is actually what i´m using now Christian.

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