New M2 Mac Minis and MacBook Pros

Details on the Apple website, all MacBook Pros look as if they can be configured for 1, 2, 4 and 8TB, but only the highest spec. Mac Mini with the M2 Pro can have the 4 and 8TB options (price of the 8Tb is ouch!).

I thought we would have to wait till September 20223 for the new MacBook Pros, I was wrong.

I also hoped that refurbished MacBook Pro with M1 Pro prices would have been lowered, again I am wrong.

@planteg I changed from the original MacBook Pro M1 13” to the 14” M1 Pro and Val has the 16” model. These Macs are without doubt the best we’ve ever owned and, as far as productivity is concerned, worth every GBP.

Having also been a fan of the MacBooks and MacBook Airs due to their portability I’d now need to think long and hard about whether I’d opt for the Pro or the M2 Air.

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From anything with Intel, this is a great update.
We'll certainly get something new soon :slight_smile:

If you have M1, the M2 is a bit better, but you can wait for M3.


2 years ago I purchased the original M1 MBP. I previously had 15 inch intel i7 6core. I did not notice basically any difference in daily performance of fm and other work related programs. But there were silent and coolness instead of loud fan noise and hot surface which made the experience quite a big difference.

In laptop only use I miss bigger screen. And there are still issues with my Dell P32 monitor . Though it has more to do with the monitor than the mac.

I still not see any reason to change. Only reason would be the bigger screen but it has also drawbacks (and price). And for Intel stuff it is good to have the intel mbp for some random docker builds etc.

I would not exclude the Mac from this. Since introducing Thunderbold 3 and running up until recently I have problems with external displays. It has become better but still is not as smooth as it used to be till TB2 - aka MiniDisplayPort.

My problem is - and I know of other colleagues having the same trouble - if I return from a customers site with my MacBook the home setup isn't recognized anymore. I plug in the display cable and this goes for direct TB3 or TB4 to HDMI or DisplayPort same as via Docking station and the screen remains black. I than have to reboot once and sometimes twice to get an external display working.

Same goes for travelling with a MacMini, I've tested that because one of my customers takes a M1 Mini home having a cloned setup from the office with same monitor/docking station/mouse/etc. and there it also happens.

For me that is related to the TB stack in macOS - it has become better and I don't travel that much anymore but it is still there and really annoying :frowning:

2 cents and curious wether this persists with M2/Ventura setups, would have direct impact on my hardware budget :sunglasses: