Nice little new feature: switching layouts like never before

Switch between layouts quickly – In Layout mode, switch between layouts by pressing a keyboard shortcut and typing the layout’s name. As you type, a list of matching layouts appears. See Layout creation and navigation (Windows) and Layout creation and navigation (macOS).

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This one is really nice to have. It hasn't been included in the menu's yet? At least it on mac OS.

I already have a feature request for it. I'd like to be able to open the full list of layouts, perhaps six ahead and six behind, with the current layout selected. In my work I often want to switch between several layouts which are grouped together and it's easy to forget whether I should be going forward or back.

The shortcut to use the layout number was appealing. Press ESC, type a layout number. Wow! A pity the layout number dialog they discuss isn't included in the Mac OS window chrome.

Tried that out, but did not work - then, I realized that I had that shortcut already globally assigned by another app (-:
now solved..

Yes, Malcolm, the same in Windows. Nice little feature when in layout mode though.