ODBC Trying to connect a table without primary key

I like to connect a ODBC/ESS table that has 4 fields working combined as unique key. I cannot alter the source table. FileMaker provides me the option to select unique keys but somehow fails in using them? How can I connect this table?

see images below for table definitions and the error


Are you sure that's not just a warning?

Yes, it comes after checking the fields and reappears every time I try to confirm the checked fields.

Each of the column contain repeated data: the unique key is achieved by the combinaison of them 4.

AFAIK, you can use them as a unique key in a relationship but not straight up like that to connect.

@WimDecorte, @steve_ssh or @Malcolm might be able to provide more guidance with ESS implementation.

Yes ok, I might even add a calculated field in FileMaker, but it doesn't let me create a TO at all.


I'm retracting my post for the time being, because, I have started to think that perhaps I did not recall all the facts I posted correctly. I will return to the related project, and come back and edit this when I am sure that I am posting accurately.

Apologies for any inconvenience.