Omit by Content or Selection Script

"Omit by Content or Selection" Script, run from a button...

Others might (or might not) find this Script useful.
Ways to make it better? Escaping find characters? Other?

Below as image. Tried (and failed) to paste as fmXML.
Use only at your own risk.


Thanks Tony again!

You might all like to try out this nifty little mockup of this script!

Functionality to build incremental found sets....

Let's make FileMaker great!


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Impressive code. Well worth studying and learning from.

On the core topic of creating a Found Set, some things can be done with a single click...

Thank you!

One click constrain - That is exactly the functionality that I should like to see native in the FileMaker Toolbar!

Pluses: Field specific and does not require the field to be open to Browse Mode
Minus: Takes some effort to set up (code generation helps).