Open jobs/contracts requiring FM skills

Recent discussions about open jobs/contracts requiring FM skills invite for further expansion of that topic.
While the lockdown in our countries earlier this year reduced jobs/contracts available in some areas of activity, other areas of activity have seen an increase in demand.
In consequence, some FM developers saw their opportunities reduced, others may have more work than before lockdown.
Last year I received a communication from the platform vendor, inviting me to become a 'partner', because 'the existing partner network cannot cover the demand'.
According to the above, there should be jobs/contracts available for those who have seen a decline in their business due to lockdown.

I would kindly ask developers who have more requests than they can handle, to bring in fellow developers who are looking for work.

Disclosure: I am not looking for a job.


10 days since the OP.
Not a single FM-related job came up.
Possible cause:
A. Developers, who have more customer requests than they can handle do not share with peers who need work. I don't think so.
B. There isn't a huge demand the existing developer base cannot handle. Most likely.

I did my own research on and (for the German job market).
IT jobs galore for SAP, Linux, #Net, web devs, sys admins and so on. Not a single FM job on and 1 (one) lonely FM developer job on, posted last year.

This doesn't look brilliant.

I got a client asking yesterday for how to find a FileMaker expert to hire here in Germany.
I send him to partner search and FileMaker Magazin forum and classified ads.

I don't think FileMaker jobs are posted on those platforms.

Where are they posted?

I don't know whether they posted it, but look here:

If someone knows FileMaker scripting well, can implement MBS functions to solutions and lives/works near Bremen in Germany, you can contact me and I may point you to the customer.

Most companies I've worked with don't post publicly on job boards or the like... So many of them have been burn by a bad egg.

I get companies looking often, and I do share them with people needing work. But again, I don't post them publicly in a forum for a couple reasons. If I reach out to someone, it's privately. And I don't wan't the flood spam to my inbox, if you know what I mean.

That's nice. Thank you Christian.

I found two offers in Jan 2020 or later for projects not classified 'small' by the poster.

Well, how many dev jobs did you pass on to peers since Jan 2020?

I don’t know how they all turned out. I pass on the lead and let them handle it.

~25 leads to about 40-ish devs. They are leads that came to me, and others who reached out looking for a developer for one of their clients., and in-house dev jobs.


Well done!

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Jormond, I am currently looking for a new job/project. If there’s anything you can send over I would appreciate it.

Here's an interesting post from @WimDecorte:


Thanks Torsten.

Hello, I am an independent Developer located in Toronto. I am interested in hearing from any experienced developers who would interested in doing some subcontracting work. Geography not important..

I have a mid size client that has more projects than I can handle. Please DM me if your interested in doing some contract work. Some current projects involve Webdirect solutions , in which I’m not as experienced. But beyond this there’s plenty of work to go around.