Open URL with iphone/smartphone with webdirect


Open url : does not work in webdirect on smartphones. Is there a way to fixa that?

That should work.
Maybe the popup blocker is enabled?

you need to load the link in a web viewer and open the link from the web viewer

Siri shortcut. Works great

Read the 'EDIT' at the bottom!

Yes and no...

I had an app for iPhone, webd, for jotting some info for our house, accessable by all habitants - and I was using siri shortcuts for accessing that app. It worked perfectly - even on the AppleWatch, what was really wonderful and handy in this case

After an update for the watch, the url (http or https) was no longe working - although the very same url sent by email did still work. Questions on the Apple forum did not help, so I lost interest

(on iPhone, the shortcuts are still working - mostly)

Just after writing the above, I checked the app again (did not check that for months) - and it is working again!!
I still can not use it because of 'cookies deactivated' message - but maybe that comes back again. Maybe my postings at Apple found open ears...
So cool!

Here is the solution remove "" from the links.

WV_openURL.fmp12 (448 KB)