Performance core principles: 12. Plugins


Which plugins can enhance FileMaker performance without thereby introducing dependencies which create maintenance issues in the future and how should be best use those plugins?

Well, if you need to parse JSON, you can write the script with FileMaker's built-in JSON functions.

If performance is slow, e.g. you import regularly more than maybe a dozen records, you may want to add a branch in the script to do something faster.

Like using JSON functions in MBS FileMaker Plugin. By using JSON.Parse and getting an in memory reference of the JSON object, you can query it quicker in following calls.

And if the plugin is not available (e.g. on FileMaker Go without PSoS to server), you could fall back to the pure FileMaker implementation.


Plugins and other techniques may have performance benefits but I would rather see "vanilla fm" only. In the most apps made with FM I've used plugins or other "external" dependencies for a specific problem but the good performance in any FM app comes from good development techniques applied.

I was a Vanilla guy, before discovering BE Plugin (which is free), it revolutionized my FMPing. And let to drastic perf improvments

@Vincent_L - can you share / illustrate any specific examples of where your use of BE Plugin enabled performance gains?
Thanks, Nick