Fireside FileMaker, Off the Record, and FileMaker Talk seem to be dormant, leaving only The Context as an active podcast. Are there any other current podcasts that I’m missing?

I don't know of any other.

Well, our videos from MBS are also available as podcast if you like to subscribe.


And now that Jeremy has departed from Proof-Geist, I'm not sure if Todd will have someone take over the podcast mantle from Jeremy.

I hope @jeremyb can start a new podcast to promote his new company.

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Yep. I will (new name here)


Welcome back.


Context Podcast seams to be dead as well .. Richard Carlton FM Training channels reliably online and strongly recommended.

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context podcast not dead anymore and also a new one showed up:

FileMaker Talk went dormant for a year but has been very active again since 1st April (no fool involved)

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