Print layout consolidating records

In my Gigs solution, I suddenly have a need to print a list of songs performed by a singer.
Tables include:
-Songbook (song title, genre, duration, etc.).
-Singers (name, address, etc.)
-gigs_Performances (join table which contains a record of each individual performance of a song, including SingerID, SongID, etc.

My goal is to print a list of songs a given singer has ever sung, but not duplicate song titles. Since the Join table includes a record for each performance of every song, I had thought to group by song title. However, the actual song title is not in the join table - just the SongID. I need the list to sort by song title, so I'm kind of stuck.

Since in your join table you have SongID, add to your Relationships diagram a relation between you join table and the Songs table on SongID. Then you have a path to use the song titles !