Python FMS?

Is anyone using Python to connect to FMS using any method like the Python FMS connector?


Hi did you mean python and data api?

Thanks for your reply. Really, I'm just wondering if anyone uses Python-anything with FMS.

I collaborated with a developer to deliver a shop-front ordering system. All of the data sources were managed by FileMaker. He used Python as the code for the website and the comms with FileMaker. I never saw the code, and I don't know what effort was required, but the website worked really well.

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I did a project that used python extensively on the client computer using BaseElements BE_ExecuteSystemCommand. One of the hurdles I encountered was that the scripts had to be called with the full path to the python executable and the scripts themselves had to use full paths to the various imported modules. Just a couple gotchas, but it ended up working great.

Looking back, I wish that the client had just hired me to write the scripts in filemaker in the first place instead of a python developer, especially because he wanted to call them from filemaker in the end anyway. But it gave me a chance to brush up on some python, so it's all good.

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We're using Python in the mix somewhere that drives our React Scheduler. Also in there are GraphQL, Go and Django.
But I'm the UI guy so I don't have the technical details.
I do know that right now we can't update the server past 19.2.1 because that's the last version that supports the older ODBC driver. It does not work with Apple Silicon.

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