Question about platform provider offering relevant commitment to regulatory requirements

A relevant question has been posted. For those working in regulated industries, this is of utmost importance. Follow the answer to that question.


The question has been posted 29 Oct 2019. It remains unanswered now for a full two business weeks. Conclusion: this is the kind of question that will never be answered by the vendor.

There is no ‘Sorry, this is not part of our offering’ or ‘Hang on, we need to check on this and will come back to you’. The answer is no answer at all. Telling.

Who is treating her/his customers the same way?

@Cecile, you may move this to the HVAC…:nauseated_face:

I won’t. The tone is reasonable and there are info about the no answer and the related inference any interested client could yield from the situation.

Let it be at this. No need to add me toos. Thread should continue if additional information re Claris EULA privacy policy becomes available.

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