Questions about Global table

Years ago I read some forum post talking about the advantages of a Global table and at the time it seemed like a good idea. I have been using them in a lot of my databases sense then and for the most part they have worked well.

Are Global tables a good idea? I am just curious, I have been Googling about them and was a little surprised by how little I found people talking about them. Would love to hear others peoples thoughts on them.

While researching global tables I found another post pointing out that global fields in a table without any records can still be set and accessed. This has me thinking about setting up my Global table this way. Maybe this is how everyone that uses a global table?

I can see a couple advantages to this setup, like multiple users would never have an issue of there search bar or export settings changed be another user. I would not need to make sure a empty clone has a Global record before syncing.

Any input would be welcome

A global table is, in my opinion, a good idea. It helps reduce clutter in tables. Same with code.

I also find it useful to have a record because I sometime add local fields to a global table. This allows me to set initial values in local fields that are then transferred to the global fields during an initialization routine. Unlike global fields, local fields can be modified remotely.

That said, not all global fields can reside in the global table. Some global fields must reside in tables from which relationships using them need to exist.

Hope that makes sense and hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply and I love feedback of any kind. It helps me get confidence which at times I am lacking :slight_smile:

Not sure I follow on this section can you elaborate some more please.

I have another table we use for storing organization preferences that in a lot of ways acts as a global table but one that for sure needs a record. We could use the same table but I find separating them helpful.

If you want a relationship from table A and B that uses a global field, that global field must also be in table A or B.

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