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I have a Database with people who are checking out Assets. (Phones, Laptops Etc)

I want to have one person be able to check out multiple Assets. How can I achieve this?

1 person, multiple assets

This is what I have so far.

Uploading: Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 1.52.26 PM.png...

That looks correct. PERSON (one) ---< ASSET_ASSIGNMENT_HISTORY (many)

If you were to put a portal of ASSET_ASSIGNMENT_HISTORY on the PERSON layout, you could create multiple assignments.

EDIT: one bit that's confusing me is why the line from person to ASSIGNMENT doesn't have any crows feet on the ASSIGNMENT side

EDIT: one bit that's confusing me is why the line from person to ASSIGNMENT doesn't have any crows feet on the ASSIGNMENT side

I am not sure what you mean

I would expect Person_FK to have the little three prong line like Asset_FK does. Maybe double check the field definition for Person_FK to make sure it's correct.

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I used Filemaker's default way of creating the ID fields, The fk And PK both are like this, is this the problem?

Yes. The problem is that you are auto-generating data on the FK side. That data should be pushed in from the PK side. Remove the auto-enter calc on the FK field.

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All FK's are this way always correct?

Now I am in person layout, with a person assignment history portal but filemaker is not allowing me to input the asset PK into the ASSET FK field on portal.

And when i go to Related Record I am getting the same wrong result... no matter what record I am on.

Ah yep, that's the issue

Should be something like this
AssetPerson.fmp12 (296 KB)

FK fields don't need auto-enters.

Thank you @jwilling

I created this layout do I have to start over to get People in there ?

I will start over thank you

I would also recommend (when you get things set up again) to do some simple SQL queries - to help make sure both your 1:M (M:M in total) relationships are working.

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Excellent suggestion.

If SQL is in your skill set it is quick and easy to do.

If you don't speak SQL, you can drop portals onto the layout, one for each of the related tables and verify the result. That's also quick and easy to do.

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Any good videos for this ?

What you want, it seems.. that multiple Persons can check multiple Assets.
Therefore you connected a Joint Table Asset_History.. That is correct.

Asset Attachment.. hmm.. very sophisticated to have that in a vertical table.. but modern.. Verticalize the data.. A mere containerfield with repetitions could also be used

Service History. Ok.. A Asset can receive multiple "services" . but a service is always only done on one asset.
Looks all good.. that the crow feet do not display.. that is just a filmmaker bug.. or idionsincrasity.

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Now I am trying to add records to Assignment History

So I want a list of people who have checked out one phone.

Example would be iPhone 11 Serial Number: 123
Has been checked out by Drew on 02/20/2020
Lisa checked out the iphone 04/05/2022

Your join table ASSET_ASSIGNMENT_HISTORY can contain dateCheckedOut and dateCheckedIn fields to describe that. You can also use the absence of a dateCheckedIn to determine if the item is available.

Right, good idea....

If i want related data say the name of the person who checked out the Asset How can I achieve that?

Have I been thinking about this wrong?

It should be


so one history service record for every asset with many persons on that history