Relationship Graph Shortcuts

Passing on a tip that I picked up years ago and working today realised just how much I rely on it for our large systems. This was not my idea, I picked this up ages ago from the legacy community forum.

Within the relationship graph we add text notes as separators/section headers of a major table occurrence group and add a key to the top of the graph as shown by the attached (the blurring added is only due to some client references within the TOs, we’ve some legacy tables we’ve temporarily imported).

The screenshot is a small section from our SaleFaith product that has over 650 table occurrences (TOs for anyone not familiar with the acronyms) in the interface file, so even with type finding and 2empowerFM, finding what is needed can be a challenge.

However, using this technique, all we need to do is to type ‘1a’ to get to the contacts TO, currently I’m working on purchase orders, so using ‘2d’ to jump to it. The time saved is a significant contributor to productivity.

We did have to change our text notes, as originally we used dd/mm/yy UK date format, followed by the developer initials and then the note, hence we’d be jumping to dates as well as our section headers. Our notes were changed to developer initials, then the date, so the only text notes starting with a number are our section headers.

This allows us to enter the graph and jump immediately to the table occurrence group (TOG) we need, and to jump around the graph at any time after.

Many will already know this, but due to the time saving, it was worth reposting.

Have a good weekend.


I had a product idea related to the topic:

More than 1000 TOs here :slight_smile:

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That’s great, I just added my support (although didn’t actually see it added after clicking the button).

I can’t emphasise enough, how this simple manual approach eases navigating around large TOGs until we get something better.


That's a clever use of the tool set.