Selecting a different year always bring 2015 records

Since I don't have enough English, I write with google translation. I am novice in using FileMaker. I try to improve myself. In the example I have presented below, I had a few issues. I am waiting for your support.

In the sample; I have four tables: Home, Income, Expense and Safe.

GUNELTR.fmp12 (1.0 MB)

I entered the 2015 information as an example to the tables.

My problem;
1- When I select a date on the main page, Income, Expense and Cash information should come according to the date I selected.
2- When I choose 2015 ... 2020 or one of the new years to be added;
a- In the Income Form; Flat No, Name and Surname are automatically entered into the Income Form,
b- In the Expense Form; Expense Number, Expense Name should come to the Expense Form automatically.
3- When I choose 2015 ... 2020, the Income and Expense tables should be empty and I should be able to enter the amounts manually.
4- Calculate the total of the income and expenses of the previous year in the Cash section and add it to the selected new year.
5- If there are wrong relationships or definitions, I would be very glad if you correct them.

Thank you very much for your help in advance.

@kurucay2000 welcome to the soup.

Thank you for your question and providing a file sample. You describe what you want to happen. Could you also describe the issue you have? What is not working? This way people don’t waste time trying to figure out what to look for.

Thank you :blush:

My problem; When I select a date on the homepage, income, expenses and the date of the safe will change. According to this change, I will manually enter the amounts in income and expense and make calculations. At the cash register, he will automatically write the values in the calculations of income and expenses here. I couldn't get the date variable somehow. Thanks...

@kurucay2000 I looked at the file and try to understand but it's very difficult to overcome the language barrier.

Here is a picture that I made of your solution and I will try to ask you some question to clarify. Please understand that I would not do that for all your requests because it is time consuming to do so. Google translater is great but sometimes, it doesn't get what you want to say.

Ok here is the picture and the questions will follow.

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So A is to select the year you want to work on.

B (Gerlirler) layout is a form to create new gerlirler records. Using the toolbar selector, you can access a subform (a) to enter the details of the new gerlirler record.

#1 is to create a record
#2 is to delete a record
#3 is the gerlirler ID. When a new record is created in B(Gerlierler), if you go to the (a) subform, the ID field(3) value created in B(Gerlierler) should fill the corresponding field(3) in the (a) subform.
#4 is the gerlierler Name. it should also fill automatically the field (4) when going to subform(a) from B(gerlierler)

(b) is the table view of all the records. All the months payments are in the columns. the total of all payments from every record appears at the bottom right summary field. That amound is reported in the right side of Kasa layout.

C(Giderler) Form structured the same way as the B(Gerlirler)on

D(Kasa) Summary layout.

Finaly I made a circle in the subforms where the date appear. For all the records, the date is the current one when we look at the layout it becomes updated throughout**. Is that what you want?**

Yes, if I ask you to be a novice, you can fix and publish in the example.

OK so I think I understand what you mean:

Even if we select a different year on Anasayfa selector or the selector in the subforms, the set of record is always the same. (I think these are 2015 records. I tried to do a search from subform(a), gelir tablosu but the field is locked so I can't enter a date in the year selector)

So, now for the debugging. Well I hope someone will explain what is wrong with the relationships now that i clarified what the issue is.

By the way I really like the visual of your solution

thank you for your interest

I turned off browse mode in inspactor in layout mode

In Gerlirler and Giderler and Kasa table, you have Yil which are lookup values from the Global field Yil of the table Anasayfa.

But then you have no relationship with your Anasayfa::Yil to filter your data
You do not have any script to change your found set either.

You must fix your relationship or use a script trigger to prompt a sort based on the global.

The YIL in your Giderler and Gerlirler and Kasa must not be set by lookup but by script. and you can then use them to filter.

Disclaimer : I am a novice myself and I haven't coded in FM for 4 months so it's far in my mind...

One of my problems is relations because I am a novice. I just couldn't do it. Thank you for your interest anyway.

Hi kurucay,
since my turkish is as good as your english :slight_smile: I have difficulties describing what is going wrong.

What is astonishing is FileMaker showing data and doing calculations when all your modell seems broken (sorry for harsh wording).

In your relationship you connected everything with everything by the "x"-operator between the tables. Thus FileMaker can not calculate based on a year. For these Calculations you must connect with the "=" operator and YilID as basis is OK since it gives you yearly values.

Kasa should be connected directly to Giderler and Gerlirler via YilID = YilID to give you values for a year.

Maybe this can get you somehow started...

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Since I am new and beginner in filemaker, the problem is that when I select a date on the homepage, I want the information in other sections to arrive according to the date I selected. Maybe I may have mistakes in relationships. I would be glad if you could fix them.

Kurucay, please understand that people participate on forum to learn one from another, not to do people’s job. Asking people to do it for you is bad etiquette. Being a beginner is your responsibility to manage. Try various strategies and come back explaining what you tried and ask specific questions.

From what I saw, you don’t understand the basics about how relationships work. It is ok, it is difficult to master, after 4 years, there are still things that are not clear for me. But that means you may need to take a course or pay for some coaching sessions.

If this is urgent and for work, it might be best to hire someone to get you going.

I don’t want to discourage you but you must at least try. I don’t know if the FileMaker Pro Advanced training series are available in turkish but it is a very good ressources if you are serious about mastering FileMaker.

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I'm sorry. My goal is not to use my statements and take my job. I thought only someone who could establish the relationship could help me.

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