Serious JSON bug in FileMaker 19?

I'm stepping through a script in the FileMaker debugger, and I think I'm seeing a pretty bad JSON bug, some combination of:

  • setting several $variable using JSON using contents of a field
  • the field has repetitions
  • changing the field contents

What I see is that when the field contents changes, several $variables are updating immediately, even though there is no possible way they could be updating.

It looks as if internally, FileMaker is setting the variable by using a pointer into a JSON object, which itself is using a pointer to the repeating field data, and that when I change the field data, the JSON object and $variables are updating, which should not happen. I'm guessing FileMaker is doing some optimization internally, but it's failing : they are not cloning a JSON object when they should be?

I'll dig some more to figure out if I can reproduce this. Is this a known issue?


That sounds really odd. Let us know ifyou discover steps to reproduce.

FileMaker does do some parsing and caching of JSON under the hood but what you described doesn't really resemble our understanding of how that works.

I believe I have figured out what's going on, and since it has nothing to do with JSON, I'll start a new thread.

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