Server 18 crashes under windows

on, about 2 weeks ago a user posted because of crashes with FMS 18

Is somebody aware of crashes with FMS18 that will not be solved until v19 comes out?

The user quotes the answer of the FileMaker support, I'm really puzzeled. FMI/Claris points out that it's a known problem

Strange: Until now, fmi never mentioned future versions with dates, etc.

Sorry, it's german - but Deepl will translate quite well..

I’m not sure exactly what type of “crash” they are seeing. We have regularly had a damaged temp file, and then our data file closes. On one server, it closes gracefully. Reopens with no problem. On the other server, yesterday it killed the data file. I had to revert to a backup.

On those two servers, StartupRestoration is now off. It if happens again on our third server, we will also turn it off there.

fmsadmin set serverprefs StartupRestorationEnabled=false


Thank You!