Setting a Name for Encoded Text in a Container

I'm using the TextEncode( ) function on text and then placing it into a container field. When I do this the container displays "utf-8.txt", which is the format I used and ".txt". Is there anything that we can do during the TextEncode( ) or some other step that will allow us to set a more specific name?

Hi @Malcolm ,

Base64Decode allows for specifying a file name, but it's difficult for me to feel good about suggesting to Base64-encode the data, only to then reverse the encoding, even if it does yield a nicer display. But maybe it's food for thought that will inspire some other, better, approach.


As separate text field for holding a name or description could be a solution.


Interesting that the file name hangs around after the Base64Decode. In the current environment I'm not handling large files. Even so, I think @Torsten is making a sensible suggestion. I can pass store a file name easily enough. I don't want to have someone call when the text dumps have grown to a large size and they are wondering why the transfer has slowed to a crawl.

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Completely agreed. I like what @Torsten proposes.