Should be easy… but…

All I wanted was to be able to display a video stored in a container field and have the “view full screen” option available. The video is a .mov file and the settings for interactive content is valid. Should be easy you say…

My first try was with Filemaker 19.2 running on Big Sur, and sure enough, there’s a Filemaker bug (yes Claris is aware), the video displays using Quick Time player, but the “view full screen” is not available, that is the bug.

My second try was with Filemaker 19.2 on Catalina. YES that worked and the “view full screen” is available. So then what ? Well a 30 seconds video takes 21 seconds to load before it starts tp play !!! Unacceptable. And, best of luck if you want to display a message to the user saying “to please wait while video is loading”.

Then I opened a Vimeo account thinking I will use a Webviewer, and I uploaded my video. Well that does not work. Vimeo says : “Fullscreen button missing from the player when : The player iframe is contained within another iframe”, and guess what, the Webviewer is an iframe.

So what am I to do ?

Do any of you guys have a suggestion ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Well, the video is downloaded when you go to the record and start to play it.

You may have better luck, if you can put the video in a folder on the Webserver. Then you could load the URL in a webviewer. That one would be WebKit 2 and could do full screen.

or you use our AVPlayer functions in MBS FileMaker Plugin to load video URL and then use AVPlayer.SetShowsFullScreenToggleButton function to enable the fullscreen button.

Thank you Christian.