Sort in FileMaker

Would you like to sort layouts or fields alphabetically in #FileMaker?

We may have a menu command for you soon...


sooo cool!

Can we have that in the 'set field' box (when in layout, etc.) as well?

Which box exactly?
It works in many lists as long as the first column has the text and the list can be sorted via drag & drop.

in layout mode, drag the field-tool into the layout - then, a dialog appears where You can select a field

Layout mode field order should be based on field definition "preference" (alphabetical, creation, custom). It looks like @MonkeybreadSoftware's tool can let you easily set groups of fields within the field definition as a custom order where it would be alphabetical (without having to add a prefix to group fields belonging to the same group).

Or maybe I'm misinterpreting this altogether.

that's what I would really love to have - set the sort order where You need that, without going to definition and change that there (will be temporary when on fms).
We often have sort order 'by creation' - but when working on layouts, abc-sort would be handy - also a search box would be so cool

You have MBS Plugin installed in a recent version?

When you open that dialog, click in the list, press Command-F and see a search box.

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Nice feature. Is that possible for japanese or other languages using non-alphabetics?

well... 60% of the time, I'm on windows )-:

Loaded the latest mbs plugin on my MacBook - wonderfull!
(had an older version on that machine)

Thank You so much, Christian!

We do use localized compare, so please try what happens for Japanese users.

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Ok. I will try it when it is released.

@Markus, MBS is one of the factors that lead me to prefer Mac (see Why Mac?). There are a ton of useful features for devs available for free, but exclusive to this OS (here are some):

  • searching the graph for specific TOs
  • syntax highlight customization
  • 'undeclared' variables are pointed out to me
  • search available in many list dialogs
  • search & replace available in calculations
  • probably something else I forget about...

Do you plan spending more time on a mac or is that out of your control?


well... here, customers define the platform

We are developing on mac's since the early nineties - but we got customers who are running very high settings for data-protection. Means, we can not use our mac's...

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What I would like is to be able to save a custom sort order so that I could used the native sorts(alpha creation custom) and then revert to my cs of choice by selecting it.

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layouts by theme ..

It works fine in Japanese. Thank you very much.

Thanks. Today I fixed it to allow sort of layouts without folders.

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I could even allow you to put in a FileMaker expression to sort, but that is a lot of extra work.

I realize my comment was confusing and a bit off topic; I was referring to the sort order of fields, in the db manager, not the folders