I wonder if anyone can help me out?
In the single table within the link...

[35mb] a list of verses from the KJV, but for some reason I do not understand and although I sort the table beforehand via the 'record field' in ascending order... after each and every search it reorders itself so that the single record (151) moves to the bottom and out of sequence to the rest of the table.

I see no logical reason for this and it is causing me issues, as I can not 'hardwire' a sort order within my script because my searches are dependant upon a variable that points to the table which holds the 'Bible Version' the user chooses to search.

I don't need this table fixed but just need to understand what is causing this illogical behaviour so that I can fix the database.

Appreciated, Karl.

Hey Karl,
the record that has the number 151 in the field „record" is actually the last record created. So it is actually record 31102. After a search, when you display all records again, they will be displayed in the order in which they were created.


Hi Udo.
Thanks for the info, so my only fix is to delete the data and re-import?

Out of interest...

  1. Where does FM keep the creation date/time as I never created a field for it?
  2. Why does it sort by the creation date/time?

Appreciated, Karl.

It’s not the creation time. It’s the internal record ID. You can get this id using "Get(RecordID)". In every table the first record you create gets the ID 1. Each additional record is incremented by one.

Export in correct order and reimport should be the simplest solution.


Thank you Mipiano.
That is very helpful, I never knew anything about the 'internal id'.

Appreciated, Karl.

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