Speed and Filemaker 2023

I updated a couple of clients to 2023 (desktop and server) over the past couple of weeks. I have a series of benchmarks which automate going through a bunch of records and doing some common searches a couple of dozen times that I run with one of them to check speed and my real world performance is about 6-8% slower with 2023. I ran the benchmark 3 times before and after to control for caching.

I'm not super stressed about that, but just wanted to share my experiences. That's not uncommon with a new major release.

Our server is Windows AWS hosted through FMPHost.com.... same host, same server.


Thanks for that info. A lot of people talk about performance changes in one way or the other, but it's usually a qualitative or feel-based assessment. It's good to have some real-world before/after measurements.

(EDIT: I recognize that not everything in FM is measurable in this way, so qualitative assessment is also valuable, or at least the best we can do for some things too.)