Spreadsheet operations in FMP web-viewer

I wonder about the capabilities of web-viewer within FMP.

Can I get spreadsheet-like operations, just as google spreadsheets can do,


  • shortcut navigation
    cmd-arrow up to the next empty or filled column/row (field/record)

  • multi record copy/paste
    e.g. copy field1 & 2 from record 1 to found records 2-5, fields 3 & 4

I tried to have a look at Monkeybread Software - MBS Plugin 13.5 for Claris FileMaker, but their webpage is not responsive.


just tried, I am located in North America eastern part.

@MonkeybreadSoftware , could there be issues with the site in some countries ?

I think, @traut didn't mean a technical issue with "not responsive". I suppose he couldn't find answers for his questions.

(Latin language: respondere = to answer)

@traut resides in Germany and @MonkeybreadSoftware also. There should be no country-specific problem. I'm in Germany too and Christian's website works well for me.

Thanks for checking. It must have been a temporary problem - this time it reacted immediately.

Google hat told me abourt spreadsheet and FMP, but I guess Monkeybread Software - LibXL is just about export/import.

I don't know its purpose yet - xls(x) export and import works good enough for me. I do miss .ods import from FMP20.

Sorry for the trouble.
We got a new server last night.
So it takes a while for the new IP to propagate.