Very basic question

I have a calculation field and set all fields to not display if 0 and "do not evaluate if all referenced fields are empty" - but once all the fields are cleared, the calculation field still displays a question mark despite not calculating anything. How do I stop the calculation field from displaying the question mark? The calculation field is a percentage and formatted to display as such.

  1. I am using FM v7
  2. I checked to make sure the field is large enough to view the calculated figure and the formatting is correct (currency, percentage etc.).
  3. There is no Auto Enter for any field - so the Calculated Storage is turned off and there is no: If ( IsEmpty ( Price ); 0 ).
    Any suggestions would be helpful. I am sure it is just a simple thing that I am missing but I am racking my brain :slight_smile:

A question mark means the calculation returned a result that can not be displayed or computed. It is not the same as a calculation that returned an empty value. Divide by zero is one example. You can use the data viewer to test all aspects of your calculation where you see the question mark. It should help you see where the question mark is coming from.

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Thanks I will try that. Does v7 have data viewer? I couldn't find it. Thanks

Sorry about that! I forgot you said you were using FileMaker v7. The data viewer was introduced in v8.

Which brings me to this: you should upgrade. You are using a 9 year old unsupported development platform.

Yes, I know...I need to finish this one solution before I upgrade. But thanks anyways.

I usually test to see if the result is a ? and return a 0 (or blank) if it is depending on what I want in a solution.

If (1/0 = "?" ; 0 ; 1/0)

If you don't want to repeat your calculation you could wrap it in a Let statement like this (just replace the 1/0 with whatever your actual calculation is)

Let ( [
~myCalculation = 1/0


If (~myCalculation = "?" ; 0 ; ~myCalculation)


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Thanks I will keep that in just so happens to be a repeated field :frowning:
I will try to work it out. Thanks for your sugestions.