Were you able to attend the latest presentation by Claris?

Hello all,

last week on May 4th there was a 2-hour presentation - in North part of North America . Even though I had registered for that event, I haven't been able to attend. The invitation was sent through Meetup, and the link provided told that prior to the presentation a link to a Zoom meeting would be provided. There were no link on that page, and each and every button was to bring you to something else from Meetup. That was frustrating to say the least :confounded:.

Did someone succeed in attending the presentation, and is there a recording available ?

Many thanks and have a good day !

Unfortunately not. Maybe a recording will be made available.

Just to clarify, this event was a developer meetup where multiple organizers combined together to allow their regular members to attend. Depending on which group you joined and their respective measures to avoid zoom bombers, you may not be getting the link in ways that some other meetups are doing things.

The presenters were from Claris, but played no part in communicating how attendees should join the conferencing platform.

The meeting was recorded (again, not by Claris), and I do not know when or where that recording will be made available.

There was another one on May 5th.

There will be renditions of that same meeting coming up soon:

There is also a French one coming up where Douglas from Claris will be presenting. Guess who organizes this one? :wink: @planteg I believe you received communications from that meetup already.


as far as I recall there were no mention about groups when I registered. Looks like Claris missed a chance to communicate properly with developers then.

Then your recollection is flawed. Claris does not use meetup for any of their own events.

No my recollection is not flawed, see this screen capture:

The URL for this Web page is Claris Product Updates, jeu. 4 mai 2023, 15:00 | Meetup

I'm not sure if you understood me. I did not challenge that the event was organized via meetup or that a zoom link was said to be provided and that some participants did not receive it. I simply wanted to clarify for you and others reading this thread, who the organizer of the event is, and to outline that contrary to what you were led to believe, it is not Claris who organized this event.

Your capture shows that you wanted to participate this event of the Hudson Valley Claris FileMaker Meetup (right above the "Public Group" mention on your capture). That meetup is hosted by Adam Aronson, who is not a Claris employee, but rather the founder of FullCity Consulting.

So while your experience was regretful, if you want to provide feedback to someone about your experience or ask about a recording, you seem to already have all the information needed to contact Adam via the "message" button available on his meetup profile. I guess he is the one you were talking about when you said someone missed a chance to communicate properly.

For those who may be interested, for events that are run by Claris, I believe they use their own event registration pages rather than a platform like meetup, and they also use WebEx instead of Zoom.

not sure - but I believe that Claris joined some events organized by FileMaker-user-groups - also with the latest 'FileMaker Stamm Hamburg'

The presentation (Hamburg) was in english and should be available as a recording

Ok, you put me on the right track. Unfortunately I couldn't find the email I received. It was very confusing. Since I am not a member of the "Hudson Valley Claris FileMaker Meetup" Group, I wonder why I got an invitation ?!? Having "Claris FileMaker" in the name of the Group is confusion prone.


I know and see that you got confused. That said, if you think of the group organizer and the need to convey to the meetup community (and google searches) what their group is about, making sure the words Claris and/or FileMaker are present in the group's name is difficult to do without (Although some groups choose to name their group with an acronym, where most of those have "FM" as part of the acronym). Some may even use official logos when they are putting together material that represent the group, an event of the group or content that will be presented to their audience.

You can get a good sample of how common that pattern is if you look at the groups I myself am a member of on meetup.

Claris has the following guidelines on what is permissible use of their trademarks and what is the proper use when involving their trademarks. I am not familiar with the whole document, tend to refer to it when I need to make use of those trademarks myself.

Thanks for bringing this added information. I bookmarked that page because you provided a link to Trademarks guidelines !

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