What default fields do you use?

Hi everyone, I'm simply looking for tips about what fields to add by default to pretty much all tables. Please share how you call the fields, what you put in them and how you use them in your solutions.

I'm sure it's the kind of stuff that is fun to hear & lets us learn from other's habits.
Please add your answer to this post (it is a Wiki)

Keep the obvious to yourself (primary key, creation/modification fields, etc.)

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Field Name:

Field Name:

Surely, the "obvious" fields are the ones that we are most likely to require by default?

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I do not use the 'default fields' option. That was matter of change, it is not so easy (fiddeling around with pref-files, some field types did not work properly in my tests, etc.)

I got a copy of 'Clip Manager' and I have sets of fields in there - that I can copy in a new fm-file

Besides of creation/mutation fields for date, time (separate..), user - I got a field 'ID_OWN' that is a serial number. The reason for that serial number: Sooner or later, users will come and say that a record was deleted by somebody. In most cases, no record was deleted - the record was overwritten or one forgot to create that. With a hidden serial, it's easy to detect...

There is more in Clip Manager than just fields... There are some scripts and some interface-elements (for example for simulating the old 'zoom' part at the bottom, etc.)


It's the obvious ones in all tables:


I keep templates tables for specific purposes, which are copy-pasted when required. I.e. a value list table has different standard fields than any payload data table.