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I have a CSV file that has all the hours ive worked and for which client.

I want to be able to see I worked for XYZ and total have worked 20 hours.

for ABC company I worked 40 hours total... How can I achieve this?

Import into FileMaker, and change the hoursWorked field to a number. Create a summary field called something like summaryTotalHoursWorked set to the Total of the hoursWorked field.

Then create a subsummary report:

  1. add a sub-summary layout part to a layout when sorted by company
  2. put summaryTotalHoursWorked in that part
  3. Find records for the time frame you want (maybe all records), sort by company and then look at the total displayed in each subsummary part.

You can also use a similar approach to create a chart showing this info if you prefer that to a grouped list.


Thank you @jwilling that helped a ton!

Now would I need separate tables or could this all be done in one table.

This can all be in one table! E.g.:

company hoursWorked summaryTotalHoursWorked
Acme 10 20
Acme 15 25
Zoro 8 14
Zoro 4 14
Zoro 2 14

You simply create a list, sort by company, and put summaryTotalHoursWorked in a subsummary part (when sorted by company).

summaryTotalHoursWorked does not have to be in each list row, only the subsummary part.

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Thank you I have done that! :slight_smile:

My next question how could I create a chart showing a grouped list

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Sure, simply:

  1. Sort your records by company first (makes the chart show the correct results while configuring)
  2. Create a Chart object on your layout. (E.g. you might wish to put this in the header of your list view to get a combined list/chart report layout.)
  3. Make Sure in the Data Source menu on the right Chart Data is set to "Current found set", and "summarized groups of records". It should list company as the sort order if you sorted in step 1
  4. In the "Chart" menu on the right, set the X-Axis data to your company field. Set the Y-Axis to your hoursWorked field (no need to use the summary field in the chart, it'll do the summarizing for you.)

Then save and it should show you a bar chart with total hours for each company.

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I have a few columns in different tables with ID's missing.

Is there an easy way to copy and paste Client_PK to another table/layout?

I don't fully understand exactly what you're going for, but there are many ways to move data between fields/tables. E.g. Replace Field Contents, a script using Set Field in a loop, or good ol' Import Records.

hahah thank you

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I hope that last answer didn't sound dismissive or anything like that, I meant it sincerely, given my limited understanding.

No you’re good ! I understood :blush:
Sort of kinda asked, but knew the answer. Sort of.

Like “there must be a better way to do this ?!” Lol

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