19.3.1 on Apple M1: first impressions

Here is an interesting post from @vmenanno with a special contribution of @steve_ssh.

If you too are now using the latest FMP release on M1, please add your comments below.


Thanks for this.

Looks like Apple Silicon is a huge innovation in the personal computing world. When was the last time such a breakthrough happened - maybe the SSD ?

First impression is excellent. Runs super-fast. Just found a minor issue in the script editor, where a line break appears, hiding the parameter part of a Set Field step.
Once the line is double-clicked, everything is back to normal.


Haven't run into any issues yet, but I haven't done exhaustive testing either. I had a quick go-around with my two primary projects and they appear to be fine. Faster though, obvs.

Bookmarking this thread to keep up with others' experiences.