2024 FileMaker DevCon - or what sha'ma call it!?

To whom it may concern,

apparently the ongoing show in Austin happening right now might introduce new news about our adored FM platform. Is all under NDA or is it possible to share anything here? (kind of when other conferences take place like WWDC) ..

It was a bit strange that the keynote was marked as confidential.

We'll see what comes in other sessions, which are not confidential.
e.g. that FileMaker will get some features for large language models is public knowledge as far as I know.

And the "State of the Union" session will show tomorrow, what they work on.

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any cool bags, t-shirts for devcon envy? New generation of developers joining the good old crowd now playing Bingo?

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Check the new backlog page to see what Claris is working on:



I just watched this:

(Edit - address has been changed)


Thanks for the video from the excellent Richard Carlton
unfortunately it looks as an unbelievably boring keynote
For the past 3 years at least it's developers are amazing, we don't know to market the platform, we don't know to listen to you, to consider our feedback, we'll do better but don't forget you're amazing your feedback is very important to us.... yet we don't create one of the 10 top ideas features that are in the ideas section for a decade


The old and tired would-be-luxury-goods seller marketing trick of creating artificial scarcity and a secretive atmosphere.
Given the vendor's history of marketing disasters and failed product strategies I am having a hard time to imagine that there is any information in that keynote that is worth paying a dime for it.


The new backlog page is a another hint that shows Claris is changing.

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Not really. There have been many 'pages' before doing the same. The idea page now got retired!?

Idea page is retired temporarily because that page has been spammed with with loads of communications.

To answer @FileKraft, if something was under NDA, then only participants will have immediate access to that information, leaving things up to Claris to determine what content they could opt to communicate separately. I won't go into motivations or trying to determine if it is wise or not to do so, while recognizing Apple often is described as having a culture of secrets and also how something like this can be perceived by people who did not receive the information as a disappointment. It may not even be that the information is extremely valuable to us, but that Claris did not intend for that information to be made available to competitors to scrutinize, in a landscape where competition is already pretty intense.

To my knowledge, none of the other sessions were under NDA, even the ones where the speaker(s) were Claris employees. Claris will be publishing that content. I suspect that it won't be immediately, and could be dripped over time on their YouTube channel. Participants and people who bought the "virtual package" should get access to the videos 30 days prior to public release. I do not know if that is all at once or if that will follow a separate drip content schedule.

I have not listened to the RCC recap mentioned above, but it is my understanding that Claris is making some content that was under NDA available to select community partners for that information to reach a wider audience.

Claris has been pushing features updates out the door more frequently than in the pre fm18 era. This also translates to a keynote where they do not have 12 months worth of features to unpack before our very eyes in a keynote like this one.

The backlog page is clearly different from the product ideas page. It is more akin to a product roadmap page, but I must admit not being sure why the page allows people to add their votes to things that are already being worked on.

Overall, no single attendee could consume all of the existing content while onsite. For every session someone attends, 5 or 6 others are happening at the same time. So even those who were onsite will need to watch recordings if they want to unlock the full value of the event. This is why I consider the real value to be about meeting people and having discussions with the people who are also attending the conference, something that cannot be done after the fact. As much as I like virtual meetups from around the globe, nothing beats being able to discuss with our peers, share meals with them, open our laptops and exchange about the stuff our day to day is all about.

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Will the session recordings go public on YouTube as previous 'devcons'?

Claris stated that you can buy the $99 package to get them sooner.

Currently they are still in post-processing and no, I have no idea why this takes weeks.

As far as I know, once every attendee and the people with the video ticket got the videos, Claris will count down at least 30 days and then start to post videos on public pages like YouTube. But they may stretch it out and not post them all together.

So either wait and watch them in summer or pay to get them at last 30 days earlier.


thanks @MonkeybreadSoftware and the 99 USD will be put aside to save for a FM plugin. If the content won't expire within 30 days patience is granted.