2024 M4 iPad 11 inch magic keyboard

Received a delivery today and finally got some answers I struggled to find online. Using our uncalibrated kitchen scales, the new keyboard is only 20 grams lighter than the current magic keyboard, athough there is a noticeable difference when picking each one up:

The tilt goes a bit further back:

Only one thing missing:

I have to be patient for another 2 to 3 weeks😟

For reference, the current iPad Pro is 7 years old, has been brilliant and is a significant contributor to my productivity with my MacBook and iPhone Pros. Main apps in use are Microsoft Remote Desktop, Jump Desktop, Freeform (love it and can’t wait for it to be updated with additional features), Microsoft OneNote, Outlook, Teams, FileMaker Go, Calendar, Calculator Max, Slack and various reference apps, including Safari. And DiscourseHub to keep an eye on the Soup of course.

It still works brilliantly, but the trade in from Apple at nearly £300 was too tempting with a net £600 upgrade cost once the VAT has been claimed back (plus the new keyboard and pencil).

No, I don’t need an M4, I was going for the Air but the new keyboard and the M4 being lighter than the Air was the deciding factor.