A journey into the Office 365 APIs

This is part one of two and outlines the 'why' and then goes into the how to authenticate from inside FM.

A big part of the 'why' is that providers like Microsoft and Google are making a big push towards us using their APIs instead of older and less secure SMTP / POP / IMAP protocol implementations that depend on just a username and pw.

oh, and it has a fully functioning demo file...


Wow, lots of nice work in that!

There is also the nice object-oriented Apache POI API for MS Documents.


That's the one I use. I've never had a case where I couldn't easily accomplish exactly what my client needed. From FileMaker or from any HTTP-enabled application. Why limit to just FileMaker?

I've posted several examples on the forums to help folks.


OpenOffice, for those who don't needlessly rent MS software (when they have a choice, that is), also has it's own nice API.


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And yep: if you up for spinning up your own middleware then the Graph API has pre-built SDKs for pretty much every single technology.

The FM demo just barely scratches the surface of what the unified Graph API can touch and do. Once you have the basics down however the rest is easy to add.