A mini tour

Overtime, we have tweaked the site's organisation and it might not be a bad idea to get reacquainted with the various channels and their purpose.

When people log into the.fmsoup, they land on the page they have set as their default in their settings. The "real" homepage is always available by clicking on the logo.

Today I wish to bring your attention to 3 characteristics of the home page.

1-When the site was created, the word "category" was banished and replaced by the word "channel". We recently discovered that members with trust level 2, and 4, do sometimes see the word Categories instead of channels (that's an oversight that might get corrected eventually). Hopefully that is not too confusing.

2-Curated collections. These channels are curated by members who want to share their expertise or facilitate specialized conversations and topics.

3-Products, Plugins & FM hosting/cloud services. We chose to keep the soup advertising free. Nevertheless, we wanted products that are useful for the community to be presented somehow. That is the purpose of these channels. Developers and vendors are welcome to request a channel for their product and to post information and announcements as appropriate. This is the only place on the soup where we allow them to self promote. Members can ask questions, comment respectfully, or ask for help about those products in these dedicated channels.