A4 Avery templates

We need to support a few Avery templates for A4 paper sizes. The options available when creating labels layouts don't include A4 options. Obviously I can do this all manually, but I wanted to check on the forums if there was an easier solution that I'm missing. Examples:

  • Perhaps if I open a clone on a computer from a different region the layout setup dialogue includes A4 sizes instead of Letter? It's enough of a pain that it'd be nice to get confirmation before I try
  • Perhaps there's a blog post, forum post, etc.... where someone has listed the layout parameters (margins, label width, label height) for various Avery A4 templates.

My googling hasn't yielded anything, so I thought I'd toss my question into the soup.

Page Setup

offers me some standard formats DIN AND US-Letter, etc.

Try first to set 'Format for' to "Any Printer". Maybe, European DIN-Formats are suppressed by the selected Printer Driver.
If you still can't get any DIN formats, use
' Manage Custom Sizes …'

DIN A4 = 210 x 297 millimeters

(don't know how much in Inch, Feet, Nautic Miles, …)

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Thank you for the reply. I had tried the Page Setup options with no success. The New Layout/Report wizard does recognize the changes (the "Current Print Setup" in the setup dialogue displays A4 dimensions), but I still get the standard Avery choices.

When users outside NA use the New Layout Wizard, to they get the Avery A4 templates? My understanding is that those are usually either 6 digit ("936058") or prefaced with an L or J (i.e. L8157). Letter size templates are usually 4 digits with no letter ("5160")

That's what I get. I wonder what circumstances determines which templates to be presented (Fm localisation, Printer Driver, …).

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My list is a little different, but I don't think it matters much. In my experience it is easy enough to setup a layout for labels manually. Even when I've started with an Avery template I find that the layout will require tweaking for different printers.

Thank you- that image is super helpful. I'll do my localization routine and see if I get those options.

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Two hints:
First: Set the margins of the page to ZERO, so you know exatly where the fields will be placed
Second: Chose and buy a Avery with a border on all the four sides (eg 1 cm)
And: do you really need labels?