Can't move page breaks (dotted lines) in layout

Hello. I'm an inexperienced user that just uses one database for work. All of the sudden, one of my layouts has these immovable page breaks that show up when I print. I don't know how they got there, or how to move them. When I try and edit the layout there are dotted lines to indicate the breaks that I can't move. I have searched all the settings I could find, and can't identify the problem. I would appreciate any wisdom anyone can provide. I can recreate the layout without the page breaks, and edit all my scripts to switch to the new layout, but it is maddening at this point and I would really like to figure out the problem. Thank you!

Hi alynch,

welcome to Thesoup. Are you referring to this in Layout Mode:

? If so, when you are in Layout Mode, From the View Menu, unselect Page Breaks


Yes! Exactly. I can resize the main canvas area, and it causes some strange behavior. When I resize a little bit, the page break will move a little. When I make the canvas very long, it makes a new page break every few inches on the Body area. In each of the "Part Definitions", when I check for Header, Body, and Footer, I have no page break options checked.

My Page Setup is just 8.5" x 11", Portrait but there is a break well before the end of the page (when it is at its most normal). Is there some setting where I am telling it to divide up my content somehow? The behavior where it makes a ton of page breaks if I made the layout really long is very strange.

Which version are you running on what MacOS version ?

Under View, is Page Breaks selected like shown on my screen shot ?

Are all Layouts in this file showing this issue ? Are all files showing this issue ?

Page break markers in FileMaker's layout mode are displayed according to the active print setup. They take into account the active print setup's page size, orientation and the printer margins (or "safe" margins for the "all printers").

You can ignore the page breaks if you send the print job using another print setup. You can do this with a script and the print setup script step… but then you will not know the location of page breaks when developing your layout.

Page size, orientation and printer selection can be set in the print setup script step. You can override any printer's size and margins by selecting (and creating, if need be) a custom paper size.

Hope this helps.