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November 2019 - Picatso
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January 2020 - Picatso
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SPECIAL POT for registering fmsoup.org as a not-for-profit (target 500). Pot contributors: David W. V., David R, Christian S., Benjamin F., Peter G., Menno van B., S.Wonfor
Incorporation completed. Pot closed and remaining money transferred to bank account.

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@Cecile Would you take my Sponsoring for October 2020?


Hi all.

Had an online informal Zoom session with some UK developers tonight (and Christian). Mentioned the soup to them, most seemed unaware, so hopefully we get some new members.

I’ve been buried in work, but saw that C19 has hit some of you. I hope everyone is OK.

Just wondered how the monthly sponsorship is and whether any months need covering?

All the best



I just sent the money for November 2020

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Where? TransferWise changed my bank details do you have the new ones?

I want to apologize for the delay in incorporating the soup. With all that happened this year I didn’t get around to drafting the bylaws. Hopefully I will manage that in the next few weeks

Yes. Seem to be same data as I used for the March sponsoring

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I don't see any sponsors for current month and the future?! How are we doing?


Nobody volunteered after my last sollicitation. I paid for November from the pot. I figured people might be waiting for the price drop once we get incorporated as a not for profit. I have been neglecting this as I was caught in my own personal stuff. The incorporation per say takes only 24-48 hours. I just have been dragging on the task of defining by-laws and then calling a meeting to approve them. I'm sorry about this. Will make some time this week to look into it.


I just sent $130.00 CAD and...I have to tell you...the feeling of contributing to fmsoup far exceeds the modest price of participation!


Received! Thank you Tony!

Please let me know if you need the next, or another month covering.

Hope you’re keeping well.



same here - I can pay for another month or two, just let me know

Take care!


I'll contribute May & June 2021 hosting fee.
@Cecile, please let me know the amount.


Not sure how to sponsor a month, but FM Soup has saved my butt so many times. I'm on a deadline for a school and wish I had more free time to "Give back more" so I wanted to donate to help out so I just donated through Paypal. LMK if I screwed up somehow and should have donated another way or if it doesn't show up.

Thank you for all you do!



Thanks Jason for your donation ! I will send you a receipt through PM in a few days.

Gilles Plante


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