Adding FileMaker events to Outlook/Exchange calendars

Hi all,

I've built a system for a client where people can reserve times on various pieces of equipment. Those reservations can have various use types, like "training" or "maintenance." The client has requested that, when certain types of reservations are made/confirmed, they be added to equipment owners' Outlook calendars. I'm aware of Productive Computing's Exchange Manipulator plugin, which could be used to implement this but it's been ~10 years since I used the related Outlook Manipulator plugin and I recall that being a pain to integrate. So my questions:

  • Are there other options to push FileMaker events to an Exchange/Outlook calendar? Pros/cons?
  • Anyone out there particularly experienced in FM/Outlook/Exchange integrations who might be interested in doing the work for/with me? (Feel free to reach out back-channel.)
  • Any other advice?



Yes, there are.
Basically, you build an ".ICS" File according to its specifications. In my routine, I set the export path to 'temporaryPath', perform the export and open the file. This will automatically fill the dates into iCal (macOS) OR Outlook Calendar or other (PC).

All ready made by HomeBaseSoftware :ok_hand:

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The other way to do this is to use the Microsoft APIs, they are extremely powerful and fun to work with.

They can give you access to everything you'll need: users, their calendars, their files (in OneDrive for instance, their email,...)

And FM happens to be really good at integrating with APIs these days.

API would be my method of choice now but Zulu by 360works is another option.

Thanks for all the ideas! Nice to have some alternatives. If/when the project gets approved, I'll probably start by looking for some FM/Microsoft API sample code so I'm not starting from scratch (or look for a subcontractor). As much as I like the simplicity of exporting .ics files, I don't think that will work in this case because events likely need to show up on multiple people's calendars and, as I understand it, the .ics event would only be added to the current user's calendar. Does that sound correct?