Anyone interested in an Universal Navigation Bar

A master template of some sort is a frequently requested item. We get by using a tool library of standard forms that we can copy/paste throughout the system. The real work is that we have to configure or reconfigure buttons being used as navigation menus. At present I'm working on a drop-in place navigation menu for layouts that can be remotely controlled, edited on-the-fly, and, editing in one place modifies the menu on every layout in the solution. It's a data-driven solution.


@Malcolm -- What you are working on sounds very cool. In the roles that I fill, there is little work that I do where I'd be building or overhauling navigation -- but, I still like to keep track of how people handle things like this in a maintainable/scalable way. If you wind up sharing or showing what you have done, I know that I will be interested to see what you did, and I am sure I would learn some cool ideas from it.

@Malcolm : I, too, like to see what others are doing to solve problems or improve efficiencies. Often someone posts a solution to a problem we don't have, but the example leads to a new thought path or method for a different task. I collect (and appreciate) the projects other FMers share.


It's a relatively simple technique. It requires minimal infrastructure, one table for the data source. I've implemented it using a CF. I'm thinking about removing that to reduce the number of parts. Making an add-on would be a great way to deliver it easily. I'm just playing with it to see whether I want to add bells and whistles or whether I deliver it as a functional base product that is easily extended by the user. I'm really wondering at what level the base should be. I don't want people to cut themselves on rough edges.

That's always a tricky part, isn't it? Usually I corral a friend or two into trying something out, and based on their feedback, I then try to create a version that will make the most sense to the greatest audience. Before then, I miss all the points that arise from differences in how we all think and develop.

I also have to decide whether to publish it as a product or as a technical example.

I still have a little bit of work to do on this idea but it's progressing nicely. I've posted a progress note on my web site: Sneak Peak: Universal Navigation Menu

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Thank You so much! The videos are not yet available?

I think I would turn to card windows for system-wide navigation. It prevents the nav elements from being displayed, but I feel like users are used to see menus that are collapsed behind a single button (hamburger style).

Just out of curiosity, is your webviewer menu handling the window being resized?

Some people prefer some objects to resize, but for navigation type objects, where there are a lot of user interactions and muscle memory kicks in pretty fast, I would almost prefer if the contents was to be static. Any thoughts on that?

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We moved from popover navigation to a card window that opens down the left of the screen a while back.

This allows a single layout to maintain across the whole solution.

It has worked very well.


I've used a secondary window for navigation too. The main reason for me at that time was that it wasn't possible to include a system wide navigation tool.

The web viewer can be anchored in any way. I have it set to top, left and right, so it stretches to the width but doesn't get taller. The document being displayed is a flexbox, so it will resize automatically to the width of the webviewer.

They should be there.

Same here. I cannot play the videos.

That's annoying. I'll have another look at the site to see what the holdup is.

@samfmp, @Markus. I found that I couldn't view the video in Safari. I've updated the links and they should be viewable now.


Thank you. It works fine. Nice Work.

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Thank You very much! Videos available now

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I'm doing this more now as well. The latest two projects incorporate this method, but there are other navigation elements to the UI where appropriate. I don't like this technique as the only navigation option, partly because it takes two clicks (at least).

We have need for scripted finds and filtering, plus other functionality, which we're typically doing in a full-width button bar at top. I try to give users as many "one click" operations as possible. However, the sidebar navigation is always there as a "safety net".

It's looking good, @Malcolm . Thanks for sharing your current progress.

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That’s a good point. We also include a custom navigation menu with keyboard shortcuts, hence ‘no click’ option.

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