Audio Recording Problems on iOS v15.5

Test iOS system version for compatibility if you are working with container fields.

I've been testing an app on an older iPad/iPhones and run into two nasty problems with audio recording and playback.

  1. The audio recording fails without producing an error.
  2. The audio playback fails, producing an error

Both devices are running Go
One device is running iOS v15.7.2. This works perfectly
One device is running iOS v15.5. This produces errors

On the older system, when I attempt to input an audio recording it appears to work but the audio is not saved and no error is produced.

On the older device, when I attempt to play back an audio recording it fails with error 413, Specified field has inappropriate field type.

With BYOD being common for FM Go users we will have to warn users when the system is too old to support the application functions.

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