Signatures in FMGO18 aren't being stored?

I'm using Go_iPad and I'm having trouble storing anything in a container field. I can enter the field, enter a signature ( which is what I want ) or a photo, etc. However nothing is displayed in the container field. Sometimes when I tap the field I see the "View" and "Replace" option. When I select "View" a black screen is displayed and in the top left the words "Untitled.txt" appear in white.

Has anyone else seen this problem occurring?

Hosted file? Local file?
Does it happen in a brand new file you transfer to the device?

Good question Wim. Hosted file. Hosted on a v17FMS. I'll test on a copy transferred to the device.

Signature capture works perfectly well on the device. That's good news. The file is only being hosted during development. It's intended to sit on the device.

I'll chase down the issue with the server later.


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