Base Elements False Errors

The Base Elements analysis tool is reporting an “element” that refers to a field which no longer exists. When I edit the applicable layout, there is no field in the location specified by BE. Anyone see this bug in BE before?

It may be that Base Elements is not the culprit seeing as it imports the DDR. I have seen something similar in both the HTML and XML versions of the DDR.

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Not saying that this is always the explanation, but it's helpful to know what can happen if the referenced element resides within a popover element:

The coordinates for the referenced element may be reported within the DDR in a way that makes you think that the item should be there on the layout, but really, the item is contained within a popover element which is positioned somewhere else with entirely different coordinates. As such, you won't see the element if you just go looking for it using the coordinates.


It is absolutely going to be on a popover. (And because popovers will display anywhere they like, it seems right that the xml reports a figure that doesn’t make sense)

The original developer populated this layout with numerous tab panels and popovers. However, I deleted them all because they are no longer necessary. Perhaps some vestiges of these tabs remain — like Marley’s ghost — to haunt the DDR.

The object inspector will help. Tell it to show only popovers. They are often sized at small sizes, like 1px x 1px, to minimise the chance that a user triggers them accidentally.