Broken References

I have a layout that contains references to deleted fields. The “broken” fields are not on the layout (or off to the side). However, I can see them in table view. When in table view, I can deselect them and remove them from the table but cannot delete them. Any suggestions?

Maybe are these fields as merge fields on the layout or referenced in a button bar or in any field's auto-enter calculation or in a hide condition?

It’s just a guess. I can imagine that this could cause this problem.

Have you deleted that fields from the table view dialog?

It doesn’t work. I’ll try again today.

If you have any popups of portals, check those. Sometimes items can go 'off-canvas' when resizing popups and portals.

Depending on the version of FileMaker, you could use the Objects pane to look for the item.


  1. Deleted. From what context are the fields deleted? From the layout or from the table?
  2. References. What is the reference?
  3. Table view. Table view is funky. Fields don't have to be physically on the layout. You include them via a selector. They can be listed in the selector but unless they checkbox is checked they don't display in table mode - even if they are physically on the layout. It is back-to-front-and-wrong-way-up in so many respects.

In table view, I could not delete the broken fields. Oddly, rebooting FMP may have resolved the issue; the broken fields seem to be gone now.

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